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43, Vodolija, United States, Congers
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Pol Muško
Zanimaju me Žene
Godine 43
Visina [175cm - 185cm]
Težina [100 - 115 kg]
Kosa Brinete
Oči Braon
Etnička pripadnost Eboni
Jezici Engleski
Rodni grad Congers
Stidne dlake Dlakava
Penis Srednji
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When a girl gives me my percentage on all business ventures, and when a girl sticks around for a long period of time, and I love when girls are always ready for what ever.
O meni
My overall statistical file is number 1 in the galaxy. I am a 3 time Sports Almanac. One of my Almanaced sport games is still current. My current Almanaced sport game is NCAA Mascot football 2008 for PlayStation 2, and my current record is 5,586-5.
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Invention 1 office
Invention 1 office
My invention 1 offices only needs 75,000 dollars to get started from the beginning. I invented 7 different kinds of businesses so far. My business technology is very far advanced.
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Currently I invented 9 different kinds of businesses. My business technology that I invented is very, very far advanced. If ya'll want some of the details to each of my 9 different kinds of business inventions that I invented, plan A is to simply ask me, and plan B is to play my Wheel Of Fortune game that comes on the screen when I am online.
Being that I am Chancellor Gregory Anthony Francis of overall statistics for the entire Galaxy, I am projected to win all my NCAA Mascot football 2008 games for eternity, and currently my record in my mentioned Mascot football video game is 5,641-5, as of February 19th 2023. I invented 7 different kinds of businesses so far. My business technology is very, very, far advanced.